Local 21st Century Oncology office certified Dementia Friendly

The Beverly Hills office of 21st Century Oncology, located at 3406 N. Lecanto Highway, has received training and become certified Dementia Friendly by Coping with Dementia LLC, an Inverness company that provides education and care training for families and organizations serving individuals with dementia.

With a network of 800 physicians delivering advanced cancer care, 21st Century Oncology is one of the premier providers of cancer care services. Its radiation centers, such as the Beverly Hills facility, offer the latest cancer care technology and innovative treatment options.

Radiation Technologist Sharon Bilby explains, “Our clients typically range in age from 55 to 70, which puts them in the window for the possible onset of dementia. It is important that our staff have knowledge of memory diseases and know how to serve these individuals with multiple medical needs.”

Bilby adds, “We are pleased to be the first business of our type in Citrus County to become certified as dementia friendly.”

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