Watch Your Vitamin D!!!

I have a friend who spent a 35-year career in a northern state, and each year struggled with seasonal depression, especially in the gray months of January and February. Once retired, he headed for sunny Florida. It was not just the cold and snow he was tired of. It was those sunless months when his spirits crashed. Continue reading

Gratitude in your journey, Why?

Covid-19 has been tough on us this past several months. Isolation, fear of infection, and the confusing debate that has gone on over the scientific aspects of the virus are making us crazy! None of us is immune to the negative social impact of our situation, and especially not individuals living with dementia, their families, and their care partners. Continue reading

Hurricane season brings special challenges

Floridians understand how to prepare for seasonal bad weather, but for families living with dementia, hurricane season can present special challenges.

Individuals living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia do not have the benefit of memory, so they cannot reassure themselves from the knowledge that most tropical storms do little or no damage. For them, every harsh weather experience can be frightening.

Just being moved from their home or community to a strange shelter may be upsetting because it shatters their routine and confronts them with an unfamiliar environment. Continue reading