Keeping Our Loved Ones Safe

When we raised children, their safety was first and foremost. Later, when we are caring for a loved one with dementia, we may pay less attention to their safety because they are adults and they have had a lifetime of learning what is safe and what is not. But we must understand that dementia has eroded or erased the memories of what they have learned about being safe. In addition, dementia degrades all of one’s senses and, over time, their physical abilities. Continue reading

Can Lyme Disease cause Alzheimer’s?

Lyme is a bacterial disease carried by ticks, transmitted to people through infected blood. With the arrival of summer, we always see more in the news about Lyme disease. Recently, I have heard a lot of speculation about whether Lyme – or tick bites – might be one of the causes of Alzheimer’s disease. Continue reading

Resolving to become a less-stressed caregiver!

As January arrives, we often think of what we might do differently in the coming year, and sometimes we make resolutions, hoping for better results.

Caregivers for loved ones living with dementia know that the stress and the demands on our time will probably not change in the coming year. For some, it may become even more difficult, which is good reason to assess our situation to see if we can do things a little better, a little smarter, and a little easier for ourselves.

So, let me suggest a few New Year resolutions for caregivers: Continue reading