Hernando County, a liability and an asset

For the State of Florida as a whole, 17% of the population is over the age of 65. In Hernando County, 31% is over 65; which is approaching twice the statewide average. The Alzheimer’s Association tells us that among people over the age of 65, one in ten is living with the disease. With a population of 178,500 (2015), it does not take higher mathematics to project that about 5,500 people in Hernando County are living with Alzheimer’s. Continue reading “Hernando County, a liability and an asset”

Dangerous Days for people with Dementia

While Alzheimer’s is most commonly associated with memory loss, in fact there are many other symptoms attached to this disease and other forms of dementia. One of these symptoms is an inability to recognize when one is hungry or thirsty. Another is the tendency to wander. These two combined can bring tragic results, especially now, during the hottest months of the year.
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