Culture of Compassionate Care

At Coping with Dementia LLC, we believe sound techniques of care are fundamental, but not enough.  We tell our trainees that effective person-centered compassionate care is 20% technique and 80% philosophy.  This philosophy is the foundation for an organization-wide culture that includes love, compassion, dignity, mutual respect, teamwork, and a belief in the worth of every human being, wherever they are along life’s journey.

The 3C curriculum, developed by Coping with Dementia LLC, is based on the theories of care espoused by leading dementia practitioners Teepa Snow and Naomi Feil, the creators of a Positive Approach to Care (Snow) and Validation Therapy (Feil), and exceeds required minimum standards for memory care. In addition, it incorporates the ideas and methods developed by Debbie Selsavage, CDP, first as a family caregiver, then afterwards when she directed a Florida Deficiency Free memory care community.

Studies have proven that compassionate care can improve both resident and caregiver morale, reduce personnel turnover, reduce reliance on medications, increase efficiency, and improve the financial bottom line of a professional care community.

As advocates of a Culture of Compassionate Care, we believe the words of the Modern Hippocratic Oath when it states, “I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon's knife or the chemist's drug.”

Contact us to learn how 3C training, especially designed for the needs of your community, can bring you these benefits.  While better care for your residents may be your primary interest, a second and equally important benefit will be a happier, more skillful, and more satisfied work force.

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Osprey Lodge trains through reward, not requirement.

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On July 19, 2018, Osprey Lodge in Tavares, Florida began a series of trainings in Culture of Compassionate Care provided by Coping with Dementia LLC. Taking a creative approach based on reward rather than requirement, Administrator Michael Hurwitz set up the “by invitation only” session for the best performers in departments across the organization chart, including maintenance staff.
Attendees ranged from a six-month employee from dining service to a 17-year veteran registered nurse. We admire Michael’s approach and we incorporated into the curriculum a special section to emphasize that “Non-care staff” is a term that should not be used in a 3C Culture where caring is a full-team activity. Osprey will continue with more training, and we are looking forward to it! This is an organization that truly “gets it” when we talk about a Culture of Compassionate Care!

Always There in Citrus Springs completes Compassionate Care

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On May 25, 2018, Always There Assisted Living and Memory Care, located at 4985 North Gentle Breeze Loop in Citrus Springs, completed training in a Culture of Compassionate Care.  The 3C curriculum, developed by Coping with Dementia LLC, is designed to exceed State required standards for memory care.

Even prior to its 3C Certification, Always There had established a high standard of quality and service, having been certified as “Deficiency Free” by the State of Florida for six consecutive years.

Pictured here, owners Denise Ruff, left, and Leslie Huntley, right, display their certification in a Culture of Compassionate Care with Coping with Dementia LLC President Debbie Selsavage.

Grand Living at Citrus Hills completes Compassionate Care

Grand Living 3C Photo

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On May 14, 2018, Grand Living at Citrus Hills, located at 850 West Norvell Bryant Highway in Hernando, Florida, became the first assisted living and memory care community in Citrus County to complete training in a Culture of Compassionate Care.  The 3C curriculum, developed by Coping with Dementia LLC, is designed to exceed State required minimum standards for memory care.

Grand Living began the process almost a year ago when it trained its executive and managerial staff even before the facility was completed.  Although these employees were not expected to be directly involved in resident care, the 3C philosophy encourages all employees within an organization to understand and support a culture of compassion and excellence in care.

Pictured here, Senior Executive Director Terri Osteen, center right, receives certification that Grand Living at Citrus Hills has completed training in a Culture of Compassionate Care.  To Ms. Osteen’s right is Director of Nursing Lorraine Erceg, to her left is Cheryl Brenner, Director of Luminations, the Citrus Hills memory care unit.  Far left is Debbie Selsavage, trainer and President of Coping with Dementia LLC.

What can your company expect from 3C training?

We do not “talk at” your staff for two hours with a lot of medical jargon and esoteric brain science that has little relevance to their desire to become better and more effective caregivers.

In a spirited and animated presentation, Debbie Selsavage, CDP, teaches what caregivers need to know to better understand individuals living with dementia, drawing from her own experience as a family caregiver, a licensed memory care facilitator, and a Certified Positive Approach to Care Independent Trainer.  Through role play with associate Ed Youngblood, CDP, she demonstrates the techniques of voice, approach, and appropriate touch that will establish trust and more effective communication during the caregiving process.

We engage with students on a human level and do not use PowerPoint or videos.  We provide time for meaningful Q&A to clarify essential points and finish the process with a written test so you and your staff may evaluate their learning.

We share our curriculum with your administration in advance and seek your guidance on what areas you may want to emphasize to meet your training needs.  Every 3C training we delivered is customized to be compatible with the specific objectives of your staff training program.

Call 352-422-3663 to learn how your community can become certified in a Culture of Compassionate Care.

Do you recognize the brush strokes? 

We readily admit that our logo for a Culture of Compassionate Care is based on the ancient Sanskrit symbol “Om,” a 3,000-year-old word for the primordial life-giving sound of the universe.

All religions have recognized that life is founded in vibration, what Mediaeval philosophers called “The Music of the Spheres,” and as described in the Book of Genesis: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

It is an idea that has never lost its power; but has been often rediscovered and reinforced by modern scientists.  Nicola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” The very foundations of our Universe, of matter, energy, and thought, appear to arise from sound vibration.

We find the concept of the ancient Om appropriate to the idea of a culture of compassionate dementia care when we remember that it has been demonstrated time and again that music – including chanting and toning -- is a powerful therapy that can reach into the minds, hearts, and souls of individuals living with dementia when they seem to have lost contact with everything else.  Sound and vibration introduce us to life.  They can also help us prevail, then depart with peace and dignity.